We are Located in North Carolina. We specialize in raising top quality Mini & Toys. From time to time we have a litter of Standard size. The smaller ones are winning everyones heart away with their dripping wrinkles & big hippo heads with short & stocky little bodies. We breed for health ,quality, longevity and just get lucky that beauty follows. LOL .We are the proud owners of several top quality Chinese Shar-pei`s. Our family consist of Blues, Platinum, Lilac, Cream, 5 pt Red, Chocolate, Black, Isabella, & fawn. We do select breeding to make sure we design the best looking and healthy puppy. 

 Our Adult Shar-pei`s are  AKC registered. However, We don`t give AKC papers with puppies to prevent breeding of our lines. To check out our puppies click on the Nursery tab, then give us a call 704-340-2771 with all your questions. We look for families that are wanting a loyal , healthy , & beautiful companion for a pet . Not for breeding. Our puppies are raised completely inside in a loving environment with lots of attention. We never dual sire a litter! ! We always know who the Daddy is . We are in great standing with AKC Kennel club. We have had many happy families and enjoy hearing back from them and seeing there pictures .Which you can also see here on our site at the top of this page click The Review tab, To see our available puppies click on the NURSERY tab, To see our handsome male Peis click the STUD tab,& To see our Gorgeous females click on the OUR GALS tab at the top of this page. We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing from you .You can email us @ [email protected] or the email me tab up top. Call us & put your deposit down to hold the puppy of your choice until it is ready to go .It is Non refundable so make sure you have done your research on the breed. It is a GREAT breed, and you will be happy you made the commitment.

  We strive to succeed at breeding Healthy ,Top Quality puppies with plenty of wrinkles and great personalities.

The Chinese Shar-Pei, is an ancient and unique breed and has existed for centuries in the southern provinces Kwung Tung of China.

The Shar-Pei, like the Chow-Chow, has a blue-black tongue; these are the only two breeds featuring this characteristic

The name "Shar-Pei" means "sand-skin", but translates more loosely as "rough, sandy coat" or "sandpaper-like coat" and refers to two distinctive qualities of the Shar-Pei coat - roughness and shortness - that make the breed unique in the dog world.

The average standard  size is 18 to 20 inches at the shoulder with weight from 40 to 55 pounds
  Colors you can find in Sharpei`s consist of :

Apricot Dilute
Black Sable 
Blue Dilute 
Chocolate Dilute 
Cream Dilute
Cream Sable 
Fawn Sable 
Five Point Red Dilute
Isabella Dilute 
Lilac Dilute
Red Fawn 
Red Sable 
Blue Sable 
Brown Sable 

Their average life-span in China is 12 to 14 years, with the oldest known Shar-Pei living to be 18.

"A few years ago these dogs were listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's rarest breed, and in 1975 there were less than forty in the United States. The Hong Kong Kennel Club, affiliated with the London Kennel Club, registered Shar-Pei as late as 1966. The Shar-Pei is certainly the world's most extraordinary dog, the press has dubbed him Mr. Wrinkles. The head is deeply furrowed, and the back and sides are more or less pleated with loose skin which often extends down the legs, giving a droopy-drawers effect on the hindquarters, or that of oversize pantyhose. Puppies are more wrinkled than adults. The skin tightens up over the lower half of the body as a pup matures, with full size being reached at six to eight months. The Shar-Pei is strongly built, the body is short-coupled and well-balanced, with a broad, deep chest giving the dog a strong solid, square appearance. Colors range from light to dark fawn, red fawn, cream, black, chocolate and sable. The coat is not slick or glossy and should have a gritty feel because of its stiff and bristly texture. Coat types are the very short bristly harsh coat and the brush coat which is not over one inch in length and stands off from the skin at 90 degrees over the wrinkle. The name Shar-Pei means sandy coat.

The tongue has the distinction of being either all blue-black or flowered, meaning one with spots of various sizes. Also many have black flews and roof of mouth. Because of the profuse skin above the eyes, eyes have to be watched closely for any turning or rolling in of eyelashes which can irritate the cornea. This condition is treatable with little effort on the part of the owner. The distinctive head displays a blunt muzzle, even more so in the males, a description which accurately applies to no other breed. The ears, small and triangular, lay tight to the head and point toward the eyes.

Shar-Pei puppies housebreak themselves at a very early age, which adds to their list of desirable qualities as house companions. They are devoted to the owner who really loves them, and they want to please and to be close to their master whenever possible. As watchdogs they are outstanding, as their sense of smell and sight are superior to most breeds. Grooming is no chore either, for they are very clean dogs.

Being sturdy, compact, active and intelligent the Shar-Pei is perfectly suited to city, suburban or country living.

Care and Training The Chinese Shar-Pei is a low maintenance dog. As long as you provide a clean environment they will require small amount of upkeep to keep them healthy.  Give them a bath no more than 4-5 times a year , We  brush them often and ,  clean their ears,  We start at a early age getting them very use to having a Pedi-paw trimming their nails and if you continue at your home you will always be able to trim them yourself. But mostly keeping their eyes wiped clean of any mess with a clean kleenex .This will keep them looking good. Exercise is a must they need daily walk`s  time to be turned loose and just let run at their pace usually slow ,LOL. 

Crate training is important for safe travel and can keep your Shar-Pei out of harms way when some event or activity in the home might interrupt his regular routine or access to the run of the house. Properly done, crate training produces a personal space for the dog that he will seek out to get some peace and quiet. Many are unaware of house plants that are fatal to a pet. So crating when you leave the puppy is for his safety and your furniture as well . He has to learn your rules and your routine and once he has, in no time you will be best buddies together on the couch.

 Shar-Pei `s from time to time may have problems with  their eyes its usually entropion of the eyelid, . Entropion, which is the turning in of the eyelid, should be diagnosed and treated by your veterinarian. Skin fold dermatitis is just what it sounds like, the wrinkles overlap and create an environment that can cause irritation of the skin. See your veterinarian for any suspected problems. For the Shar-Pei, choosing your veterinarian can be especially important. Look for a veterinarian that has a number of years experience with the Shar-Pei and treats your breed with the same concern as all other breeds, without blaming the breed for every problem that your Shar-Pei might have.

Chinese Shar-pei`s are very outgoing by nature and happy indoors or out. Some Shar-Pei love to ride in cars once they are use to it and some never do get use to it. They are not yappy barkers if they bark you cant take it serious that some one just pulled up in your driveway. They are homebodies and do not like to stray. Because of their stay-at-home nature and deep loyalty to family and friends, the Shar-Pei makes a natural born  watchdog. Being both calm and obedient, they do not tend to overreact. The Shar-Pei is an enchanting creature, possessing so many qualities sought after in an all-around dog for security as well as companionship." Money can't buy a better alarm system than a Shar-pei!

 Toy Shar-pei
Mini Shar-pei   &
We use and Strongly, recommend Blackgold dog food. Makes a healthy pet, & a shiny coat, 26/18 Explorer. They have several  formula`s to fit your dogs need . Check to see if there`s a dealer near you, if not  give them a call . Also you can order online have it shipped to your door for Free ! Yes FREE SHIPPING!!! You get what you pay for and your dog deserves the best.
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