Macy went to  her forever home  with Keith and Marva in WilmIngton DE.
Lovin Romeo 
There is so much GOOD to say about Tommy and Melisa I don't know where to began. My first phone call to Tommy I felt like I had know him forever. We purchased Romeo a few weeks ago and he has been a complete joy. We just sat there all of Saturday evening and all day Sunday just looking at what a terrific breed he was, we just couldn't get over it . He's had his first visit to the vet and even our vet commented what a good looking Shar Pei he was. Have you heard the saying you get what you paid for well I did. Previous to buying Romeo I had a bad experience with a breeder in statesville. I can't say Thank You enough guys for turning a bad situation into a good thing. Paula 

Reviewer: Paula, March 13, 2010     
This is Zoey  & Barrett at  their  new home with Mike & Marlene ,in Virginia
 Thank you for a wonderful dog! 
I purchased my Shar-Pei from Wrinkletown & I must say they are excellent and caring breeders. As their slogan says they do wrinkles right! I have had no skin or eye problems, my puppy has kept an amazing amount of wrinkles and Tommy & Melissa are always there to answer my questions on the breed. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful Shar-pei - all of their dogs are well socialized - happy & very healthy! A++++ 

Reviewer: Barbara, September 26, 2010

Very good breeders! Couldn`t be happier with our puppy, we drove all day to get to her and she was exactly what we thought she would be and more. Great people 
Melisa & Tommy. 

 Joan, September 27, 2010

                             EXCELLENT BREEDER!!!!

 Jellybean  a past puppy of Lingling and Rusty
Channing and her pei living happily together in Nashville TN
Wonderful people and great breeders. We've already got one puppy from them and are waiting on our second to be ready. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a Shar-pei. 

Wrinkletown proudly shares this page of families,  made happy by adding a Chinese Shar-pei in their life.
Chester & Shari picking  up  their new boy 
Reba  & Hershey loving each other in Hudson NC

​Here are some pictures of Nala! She has been such a great puppy and we love her so much. Thank you again!


Bo was one year old Wednesday, April 25. He's about 20", 60 pounds. He's a character, and we love him very much!! 

Martha & Chris B

The Tamez family has 2 of our pei-babies down in Southern TX.

Rita and Donnie 
Buster our beautiful sharpei son

We would like to thank you for the wonderful gift that buster has brought to our lives he is a very loving and beautiful dog that is cherished each and any day he is the love of our lives. He is the main attraction here in Greensboro everyone wants him because he is such a loving dog. I'm going to send some pictures of him soon. Thanks the Good family

Congrats to  Ben & Meredith on thier wedding Best wishes.
Look who got to be Ring bearer !
Oh my Goodness!!!! We LOVE HIM!!!!! He is doing fantastic!!! The whole family just adores him!!!!! He was great on the ride home. He was crated overnight and did not bark once. He has pottied outside twice. We have bought him an arsenal of new toys, dog bed, chewies, blankies, etc. Kody doesn't quite know what to make of him yet. But, he is getting there. We are calling him Ozzie. He just is the friendliest little guy ever!! My oldest son is holding him on his lap right now. Kody has NEVER let us do that!! We are just so happy that he is here and are already in TOTAL love with him! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! Pitcures to come!!!

Hello- I purchased my Lola from you almost 2 years ago and she has completed my life. I never knew i could love something so much (I do not have children). Anyways, Lola just turned 2 and i think it is a good time for her to have a companion. I see you have new puppies :) Please send me some pictures at your convenience, i will send you an updated picture of Lola too. She is adorable. Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you. Very grateful, Angie
Lola Bear is a chocolate dilute mini shar pei born from one of yout breeds on Feb. 6th. I want to send you pictures because she is almost one and I want you to know how grateful I am for her. She makes me so happy. She is the sweetest, most protective dog I have ever met. She is a bully at times,but it is quite comical due to her size. She means the world to me and my family! P.S. I need to know how to get the pictures to you?

It was good to meet you. here are a couple of pictures of Scarlett's big day 
         Jay & Linda
Lilly Belle  went to such a good & loving family  who flew into pick her up.
Pork Chop went to a loving family in Boone NC  

Our Puppy Disney

 Tommy, We purchased our Disney from you 3 months ago and she has completed our family. I couldn't see not having her with us. Everyone just adores her. We love coming home and having her run up to us happy to see us. She is the sweetest little puppy ever. There isn't one day that we don't get stopped for someone to see her and say how cute she is. She is a wonderful puppy and we love her so much. Getting Disney is the best thing our family every did.
  Groux Family
She’s got a rosie disposition. You did so well

With her – she’s so sociable – unlike many shar peis I have had.

Teddy Bear, our regular size shar pei loves her and she loves him.

Our mini schnauzer Max even has dragged her around the living room

By her wrinkles on her neck and she just lays on her back. We totally

Love this baby. I’ve never purchased such a sweet shar pei – we will

Be back for more!


We meet NBA retired player Jalen Rose one of the Fab - Fives .  What a great guy he was to meet.  He bought his Daughter a Shar-pei for her Birthday. 
Hey Melisa & Tommy,
  I wanted to share a couple of pics with y’all of Us & Our Sweet Baby Boy Gus! We LOVE HIM SO MUCH:) Rhonda
Wow how time has flown bye ! I wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful dog. He is just the sweetest and most loving guy. Of coarse he has been to the vet for shots and check ups and the vet has had nothing but wonderful things to say about him and his health and his eyes . Anyone looking at buying a puppy from you guys can't go wrong once again thank you for our precious boy ! 
Took her to meet Dr. Starman today. 10.5 lbs. they loved her! Very healthy and happy .She goes back the 15th for shot updates. She has somehow or other figured out how to sneak under the covers with me at night ,lol. Loves to snuggle and cuddle! Love her!!
"We recently purchased a lilac miniature shar pei from Wrinkle Town. Words cannot begin to describe how happy we are with our new addition! Tommy and Melissa were more than helpful from start to finish. They helped us through the decision making process all the way to the first few weeks when we brought him home. Tito was our first dog we owned so we had a lot of questions, but thanks to Wrinkle Town they never went unanswered. Tito is definitely the best Christmas gift we have ever received!"

All my best, 
Andrea and Bryan
Great people got my puppy last week and feel in love instantly It is a top Quality pup.They answered all my questions was very knowlegable about the breed.They are caring and eager to offer any help on raising my new puppy I may need .I will refer them to anyone who is looking for a Chinese Shar-pei puppy. 
                                       Sherri & Sam
He is a very sweet baby ,he is already loved .
Dear Tommy and Melisa,

Hope you guys are doing great!

I just wanted to thank you very very very much for being amazing Shar Pei breeders. I have had shar pei's for the last 20 years and have loved them all to death! But the one I recently got from you guys (Oliver, now 7 months old) has the best personality and the sweetest disposition of any shar pei I have had. He loves everyone, including other dogs! I have not owned a shar pei that actually turns the other way when other dogs get aggressive -he's just the sweetest, most loving thing. A lover not a fighter!

And did I mention gorgeous? Unbelievably, outrageously gorgeous. Dozens of people stop me when I am walking with him and ask me if he is a show dog, he is so perfect. The best line came from a woman who got down on her hands and knees and proclaimed to Ollie: "It hurts to look at you, you are so CUTE!!!!"

I feel like I am the mother of a celebrity kid, I am so proud of him and just adore him. I am not sure how you achieved such stellar results, but I feel I won the lottery with Ollie. He is the perfect combination of beautiful looks, lovely personality and good health. It is obvious that he came from excellent blood lines and was born into a loving home around other dogs and family.

So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being such conscientious and responsible shar pei breeders, who know exactly what they are doing with this breed. I hope to get another one from you one day!

Best regards,

(PS - He still has his eye tacks in, which seems to be working, and may need one more set but so far so good. You can't have that huge square hippo head without some big wrinkles weighing down your eyelids a little, lol.)

   We were so excited to add our first sharpei, Tyson, to our family. A beautiful Apricot brush coat handsome pei! Never in a million years did we dream we would fall head over heels so quickly for our handsome, wrinkly, abundantly, and precious pei pup-- but we did!! He has been an absolute blessing to our family. We could not have asked for a better breeder either. Tyson was 100 % house/crate trained, other than a couple mishaps on the first couple of days while he adjusted to his new home. We are excited to be adding another pei to our family soon! Thank you for providing us with our forever 4 legged family member! Amanda & Brett.
We love this dog so much! We are so thankful for her! Some pictures of her at the beach last Christmas and some more recent pictures.

Dear Tommy and Melissa
We want to send you lots of thanks for our baby Marla. She is the most love able pup! What a beautiful dog. She has so much personality. Well trained. We truly believe that is because of you and how she was raised. She is getting along great with our kids and other pei's. She has made our family complete. 

I also want to thank you for the great communication as we waited for her. We loved every picture and enjoyed watching her grow til she was ours. That really means a lot to us! You guys are great people and we look forward to our future with wrinkle town! 

Thank you,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Kris and I. Wellesley has already gained 3 more pounds since this picture (for a total of 17.5!) She has had three weeks filled with lots of love since we were off work; she spent 10 days with other dogs getting socialized; and already knows sit and down. Puppy school as a family starts in 2 weeks. And mostly, she just has the sweetest disposition I have seen in a long time with any puppy. Thank you for blessing our family with an amazing puppy and best wishes for you and your family in the coming year!
I am in love he is so funny. Loving but with a little attitude! 
 :-) I'm grateful that you guys love and care for them the way you do - I wish all breeders were as wonderful as you folks have been. 

All best,
They are having a good time, and seem to be very happy.
Love him so so much! Thank you so much again. He's just relaxing laying in my lap now :) 
 He is amazing. Thank you so much... New Mexico
Attached are some photos of Theo. He has an instagram handle .
He absolutely loves to bite everything he is just a ball of energy. Not at all nervous from the flight.
Awaiting photos of their 2nd puppy they added to their family.

Just wanted to say thank you. About 3 1/2 years ago I got a puppy from you sent to El Paso, TX. She has been such a joy and brought so much love into my family's lives it hard to express. 

Every so often I visit your website to see the new litters but today I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Pema. :-)
Greetings Melissa and Tommy,

We hope you guys enjoyed the holiday, and that this message finds you well! It's been a while since we've last updated you on Elway, and felt it was overdue to reach out. Elway is now 6 months old and weighs approximately 35 pounds. He is such an amazing smart, friendly, and loyal! What a great temperament and personality he has. Thank you guys again! He is such a huge part of our family now that we can't remember what life was like without him, nor would we want to. What a goof that little guy is. He always makes us smile and fills our hearts with joy. Anyways, below are some photos we wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy!
Evan & Dani 
Mei is doing so good. She is in love with Ezra! She's using the doggy door like a pro and is so so smart!!! 
We love her!!
Terry & Celina has Starbucks and gave him a wonderful home.
Hey-Do with his baby 
Hello y'all :-) 

Thought you might like to see how beautiful Babette is now. She has been such a joy to me. I am so glad I came across your web site and found her. I can't imagine my life with out her now!
very happy with her here's another image.
We received Ku Jo and he looks great! We’ve been having fun with him at our home. Thank you for everything!
I searched and search for Minature Shar Pei's. Right when I was going to give up God gave me a blessing. Wrinkle Town is AWESOME. We brought Leo home and he is more than perfect. It truly shows how well they care for the puppies and the love given. Thank you Wrinkle Town for our new addition to our family. 

Donnice, RCS, BAS
  Shar Pei have been a part of our family for the past 26 years. We just picked up our Molly Bea and she is precious - as you can see for yourself. She has a great personality and temperament and she has already become the Queen of our house. Tommy and Melisa are wonderful and very loving breeders of this unique breed. They are wonderful to deal with - wanting to find great homes for all of their puppies. Molly has found her new home with us (as long as our adult children don't take her home with them). Thanks Tommy & Melisa - we love this little ball of joy (and wrinkles)......

  Gary & Gail 
Happy New Year to you and yours! Thank you for one of the best gifts ever to me and my family. I don't know how you do it, but I could never let one of my fur babies go! He has been a happy puppy, full of interest and love. We adore him!
This family is why we do not accept PayPal anymore.They scammed us by saying they never got the puppy, the very one they are holding in their arms, in their home in front of their Christmas tree. So sad,I feel bad for KuJo........
********Scam Alert*********
Ted E Bear at his forever home with his 10 year old  new sister Bella.
Little man graduated puppy school today! He did great! He is so stinkin' smart. :) 
“Melisa and Tommy, 

Thank you for this amazing gift. From the minute I took Thor Dante into my arms, it was immediately apparent with how much love and care you raise your puppies. Thor is smart, loving, social, playful and loves to cuddle. Anywhere we go people are immediately mesmerized by him. And his snoring is the funniest sound I have ever heard. I can’t sleep without it anymore! I assure you that he couldn’t be more loved.

Thor Dante’s dad”

Awww... He is an angel. so sweet and HAPPY, he already went out for a pee pee on the poop path, funny kept jumping on my legs like pick me up I am tired. He ate about 1/2 dog food, did poop on pad. Took some chewy toys into his bed and he does seem to like me, maybe its the blonde hair, maybe I remind him of you or maybe he can feel how much he is loved already. I put his crate surrounded by the puppy pen a lot of room. . Thank you again for this special lil boy. 
Gordo is doing great we love him! 

We are really happy with Wrinkletown! Ludo has been a blast we love him. Our family in fact is doing great, Ludo has been our good luck charm!
“We’ve had Shar-Peis in our family before, but none like Ludo. He is such a beautiful puppy with an unbelievable character. Wrinkle Town has been wonderful with attention and care ever since we contacted them. In addition, Melisa and Tommy have provided amazing support ever since we picked our puppy up. We are truly honored and grateful to them for giving us the opportunity to have Ludo form part of our family. Thank you so much!“

We’ll keep in touch and send you more pictures as he grows up!


This is my 5th shar pei, all from different breeders. We always do our due dillegence on the breeders and have had good experiences from each. Having said this, Wrinkletown has been the best. You pay a little more, but you get GREAT, well adjusted and healthy puppies. Wrinkletown's client support is excellent and their knowledge and care for the breed is superior. Our puppy Avalanche came to us perfect. She has great temperment, is easily trained and very healthy. Thank you Wrinkletown for a wonderful puppy, she is absolutely ADORKABLE!!! Jim & Tori
********Scam Alert*********
Thank you for sharing this adorable photo of Thor and his new younger brother Loki & Thank you for coming back for a 2nd Wrinkletown baby.