The Miniature Shar-Pei shall be short, broad and almost square in proportion of body length to height. The most notable characteristic is the abundant, tight wrinkling about the head and body. The head should be slightly large in proportion to the body. Eyes should be dark, clear and almond-shaped, and neither sunken nor protruding. In dilute dogs, the eye color may be slightly lighter. Ears should be small, triangular, thick, lying close to the head and preferably curled back at the edge. Tulip ears. They should set wide apart and forward on the skull and angle toward the eye. They may show a slight degree of mobility.  The skull should be flat and broad with a moderate stop, with the plane of the forehead and top of the muzzle parallel. The muzzle should have adequate bone with enough padding to give a square appearance to the head with no hint of snipiness. The flews should be slightly flared. The nose is large and wide and may be darkly pigmented or conform to the general coat color of the dog. Tongue and inside of the mouth is preferably bluish-black. However in dilutes you will see pinkish- lavender .  The neck is of medium length, muscular, set well into the shoulders with abundant dewlap. Topline dips slightly behind the withers and rises somewhat over the loin. The chest is broad, deep, with the brisket extending to the elbow, rising somewhat under the loin. The croup curves slightly downward to the high set tail. The tail is thick at the base, tapering to a point and should curl. Tail carriage should be up and over the back. The shoulders are muscular, sloping and well laid back. Forelegs, when viewed from the front, should be straight, moderately spaced with elbows close to the body. Viewed from the side, the forelegs are straight with adequate bone, the pasterns strong and flexible. The feet are proportionate to size. The acceptable coat length may be short horse coat up to a brush length not to exceed 1 inch at the back of the neck. Texture may range from moderately harsh to soft, without being wavy or excessively thick. A solid color dog may have darker shading down the back and on the ears or darker hairs throughout the coat, as in the sable. The gait is balanced and free-flowing. Both front and rear legs should tend to converge on a center line with strong forward reach and rear drive.


The Miniature & Toy Shar-Pei should be alert, confident, playful, adaptable, affectionate, easily trained and inherently clean and quiet. The  Shar-Pei is very loyal to his owner, intelligent playful, active, dominant and brave. It bonds with its family, but is not unfriendly toward strangers. If the dog meets cats and children while it is still young, it usually will not have a problem with them. The Miniature Shar-Pei has a frowning expression, but is surprisingly easy-going, calm, independent and devoted. It makes a delightful companion and a good watchdog. The Miniature Shar-Pei needs a confident handler. If you are uncertain, inconsistent, too soft or mild, in the dog's eyes, it will take over as the boss. The Shar-Pei needs a firm, but gentle, extremely consistent authority figure. The dog must be taught all humans are above him in the pecking order. Those who see themselves as above humans will be stubborn and bold. This breed needs firm obedience training to establish your leadership. They may refuse commands from family members who have not established leadership over them. They need an owner who as the ability to be "Top Dog". The Miniature Shar-Pei generally hates water and tries as hard as it can to avoid it. Mixing other dogs can sometimes be a problem if one of the dogs is displaying dominant behaviors. Socialization is important. Some Miniature Shar-Pei are less dominant than others. The dogs temperament depends on how the owner treats the dog. Dogs that are allowed to believe they are the boss over humans will develop behavior issues. Dogs that are not taken for daily pack walks will also begin to display a varying degree of issues. A lot of this breed’s health issues depend on the lines it comes from. But more important how its raised throughout its life the Shar-pei has to be given boundaries and structure. Once you have done that its your responsibility to not over bathe or cheap out and buy poor quality dog food. You didn`t buy a cheap pet so dont buy cheap food!!!!

Weight: 25-35 lbs. on Toys - 35-45 lbs. on Minis

Living Conditions

The Miniature Shar-Pei will do great in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is moderately active indoors and will do okay without a yard. Because of its padded head, the Miniature Shar-Pei is very sensitive to heat. Shade and water must always be available. Provided it gets enough exercise, it will be very peaceful indoors.

The Miniature Chinese Shar-Pei have a considerable need for exercise, which includes a daily walk. While out on the walk the dog must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as instinct tells a dog that the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human. Do not over exercise them in the heat, as they are sensitive to it.
Life Expectancy
Up to 10-15 years.


The Miniature Shar-Pei should be brushed regularly. Their coat is never trimmed. This breed does not have an undercoat. The "bush" coat sheds a little year round, but the "horse" coat tends to shed only during molting periods. Molting may leave the dog looking unkempt. Bathing 5-6 times a year Max.


The Miniature & Toy Shar-Peis are being developed as a downsized version of the Shar-Pei. It is a purebred Shar-Pei and the miniature or toy size comes from a recessive gene that these dogs carry in their DNA. The hope by breeders is that by selective breeding, the recessive gene will soon become dominant in the breed. Pictures on pottery suggest the breed was present even in the Han Dynasty (206 BC). For many years the Shar-Pei was kept as a general-purpose farm dog in the Chinese countryside, used for hunting, protecting stock, and guarding the home and family. During that time the Shar-Pei was bred for intelligence, strength and its scowling face. Later, it was used in dog fighting. The loose skin and extremely prickly coat were developed to aid the dog in fighting, making the Shar-Pei difficult for the opponent to grab and hold on to. During the Communist Revolution, dogs were rescued by a Hong Kong businessman named Matgo Law, who appealed to Americans in 1973 through a dog magazine to save the breed. From those few specimens, the Shar-Pei fancy has grown tremendously over the past decades. 

  Welcome to our Nursery page. We raise, Miniature,& Toy Chinese Shar-pei only. No other breed has ever stolen our hearts as this breed did many years ago. We are located in North Carolina, our families that we carefully select to get one of our babies fly in from all over the world. We take pride in finding the best possible family for each puppy. We look for loving families that want to add another member to their home. A puppy that will be there waiting on you at the door when you come home from a hard day, just ready to snuggle up with you. 
 We do withhold registration papers to prevent breeding of our lines with our name attached. So look through our pictures on this page and if there is one you think would fit in with your family then email us &  tell me a little about your family and where my puppy would spend his/ her time. 
  Our puppies do come with health records, health guarantee & a Birth certificate, just NO registration papers to prevent breeding.We are looking for loving families not breeding families for our pups. We hope to` talk with you someday about the wonderful breed of Chinese Shar-pei`s. 
  We do ask that you do some research on the breed and talk to other owners of Shar-peis to make sure it is the right breed for you and your family. They are GREAT with kids, very tolerant and SO loving. It is the most loyal breed ever. They make great companions, & great guard dogs, very protective of their family and have the best temperament. Mostly they just love to be loved and spent time with. There is no Guarantee on color or size at maturity, just our best guess based on past litters. Also no guarantee on eyes and skin because this breed is prone to have such issues. We work hard to weed these issues out but it is impossible to guarantee there will never be any eye or skin issues in the life of the dog. With a good diet and not over bathing you should not have any problems. If you look over our website of past puppies and adults you will see we have pretty great eyes & perfect coats and were really proud of it!  We do offer a health guarantee with our puppies in the event any hereditary issues arise. We look forward to talking with you, so give us a call or email us. We reserve the right to not sale to any individual we deem not suitable for our puppies.
This page was last updated: December 18, 2021
Past puppies that have already found their forever new homes.
  If you feel you have done the research on this breed and feel it is right for your family then contact us. From time to time we may have a puppy born that is not already reserved if so, I will have its photos above and it will say AVAILABLE so don`t miss out they do not last long once listed. 
   We do speak to all families first to make sure we are the right breeder for you and you are the right family for us. Not everyone that call`s us gets to purchase our babies. We are not interested in selling to Breeders. If you`re sure that you are ready to commit to us and the puppy then go ahead and email us. Tell me a little about yourself, family & your home environment, any pets that our baby will be spending their life with. 
    We request a 500.00 deposit which is to hold the puppy you picked, until it is old enough to be shipped or picked up, if in driving distance 4-6 hours Any longer is just too hard on the puppy and is not recommended .So you are welcome to fly in and we will meet you at the Airport. Weekly payment arrangement to be made with balance to be paid in full 14 days before shipping FAILURE to do so voids deposit NO EXCEPTIONS. The deposit amount does go towards the remaining balance due. It is Non - refundable!  It is a firm commitment to us & the puppy that you are serious and want back out. We do NOT refund money however we will replace the puppy if a situation out of our control arrives. We fly our puppies to their homes, or the families fly in. It`s safer and much easier on them. We defiantly prefer our puppies to drive NO further than 4-6 hour drive home or we will void warranty. Puppies get carsick and potty stops on side of road are very dangerous.
   We send our puppies home with a Health warranty it is to be signed and sent back with attached copy of your entire Vet visit to show your puppy has seen your Vet and you are fully aware you have a healthy puppy. 

No  texting 
We DO NOT text! We talk to our potential new families.
Lilac,    Blue,  Platinum
If interested in putting deposit down a certain color from an upcoming litter. We accept a 500.00 Non refundable deposit to hold your place in line on the next available puppy of your color / sex choice. If by chance your color / sex choice is not in the upcoming litter then your deposit would go towards the next upcoming litter of same color. From a different set of parents. It is a Non refundable deposit,  So do NOT feel you need to rush into this decision. Take the time to do research on the breed. Once you make the commitment to put your deposit down your name goes in line on the list of said color of your picking.  We do our best to fulfill each deposit in a timely manner.  We ask for a year to make sure we do not have any unhappy families,  but usually 3-6 months is the normal wait time.  However you could come along at the perfect time when a litter may be due soon.
Once puppies are born we take pictures and send to the first family who put a deposit down. Then on to the next one. After the puppy is picked you will start getting weekly photos & updates of your puppy so you can watch him / her grow until they are ready to go @ 8 weeks of age with 2 sets shots and deworming. Eye tacking will be done if needed before the puppy goes home. All payments owed are to be paid in full 14 days prior to puppy leaving.  
  We do require that you do follow up with your Vet within 24-48 hours after getting him / her, to ensure your getting a healthy puppy. NO EXCEPTION !! No one, for any reason is excluded from this policy! So no need to ask.  Our Health Warranty is to be signed along with a copy of your Vet visit, to be emailed back for our record of your warranty. With in 24-48 hours, Failure to do BOTH voids warranty and you take the puppy as is at time of delivery.  We recommend and ask all customers to use Blackgold 26/18 to not void their warranty.
We always send Shar-pei surprises home with each customer so do not  forget to check your Nice treat bag for them. There you will find puppies, health record, vaccination record, birth certificate, warranty, lots of toys,ect....

Deposit on future litters
  Thanks to these families that are patiently waiting for their babies.

1.) LYubushkin family
2.) Samuel
3.) Troy
4.) Jeff
5.) Keefer’s
Welcome to our Nursery page.
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